ADVISORY BOARD COMMITTEE


  • Mission: create a clear, succinct mission statement that expresses the organization's core values and reason for being and revisit this mission regularly, revising if necessary
  • Oversight: establish appropriate checks and balances to ensure the organization is professionally managed and its mission is carried out
  • Resource development: ensure the organization has the financial and human resources it needs to fulfill its mission
  • Outreach: connect with the external community to promote the organization's mission, values and programs (for example, through recruiting new board members, volunteers and donors, expanding the organization's network of supporters)


  • Regular Meetings with Assigned Committee(s) (varies)
  • Monthly Advisory Board Calls (approx. 60 minutes each)
  • Special Projects (varies based on work group / committee
  • Commitment to at least 1 year in the board
  • Possess a true passion for their area of responsibility
  • Great communication skills and the ability to engage others in the process.
  • A team player willing to put their own personal or agency agendas aside and work for the greater good

        If you are interested in becoming a COMMITTEE BOARD MEMBER  Fill out the form below 


  Duration:  Seasonal 

  Commitment: Part Time  (Seasonal)


 Holes Hoops and Hope Sports Academy  is looking for interns who wants to gain  experience in   coaching. Holes   Hoops and Hope Sports Academy teams from young men and women 18 under basketball ,volleyball and track clubs.   Intern will be involved in the process of  coaching in the academy. Our   coaches, will gain UIL Texas  Project Program     coaching hours towards college credit During the competing season, intern coach will be official representative of the Club at official home and  away games for HHH Academy Teams   Intern Coaches will display the full professional quality while coaching the athletes. And will be fully screened and criminal background check will be administered 

 This is a good opportunity to develop coaching skills and knowledge  Seasonal play will start in 2022

 Compensation: Stipend  (Seasonal)

 Years of Experience required: No

Send all resumes of qualification to  : holeshoopstexas@gmail.com


                                                          HHH INTERNSHIPS

Holes Hoops and Hope gives undergraduates and graduates of 4-year universites and NJCAA or Community 2 year colleges to get experenice in various project openings in the following :

*  Sports Management

*  Athletics Coaching and Training 

*  Legal  Counseling 

*  Community Outreach 

*  Marketing 

* Public Relations 

Positions are undergraduate study college credit hours which can option to a stipend internship based on the candidates collegiate standing.  Internships are offered year round and during the collegiate school year session. Click on the file below to apply and when completed send back to : holeshoopstexas@gmail.com  or info@holeshoopsandhopeinc.com