From COO/Founder  Michael J. Lewis 

" When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go.

How many of us have let a gift that God has given us or a point of our purpose go out the window. I have and sometimes want to let the dream of helping the community fade. But God gives you that resilience to face people that stopped believing in your platform and thought it was a waste of time . 

I remember my late grandfather back home in San Francisco say " People are like fans . When you are winning they follow the ship. But when the ship sinks they fall off and leave you to drown"

This is what  drives me to vision the Holes Hoops and Hope platform . You see the community has struggled to embrace the purpose. Yes we are 5013c, etc. But having to promote and sell your product to people that you know or critics is tough.  

Holes Hoops and Hope is " Building A Rebirth in the Future"  With COVID, The recent unrest in Europe and at home our next generation should have hope generated to be positive in a cruel world 

 To those looking for a purpose in their platform You are the idea and visionary. But God has to take the lead. It may be what you want  But maybe God has other plans that are better.

We are a world of 7 billion people rotationally moving towards God's greater plan or ours?  Different mindsets . Parents even into your adulthood still planning a vision that they no nothing of what God has is store

Remember Gen Z visionaries. You take on a mentor's teaching and absorb it But as you succeed remember to thank the teacher, mentor etc. when you give speeches and accept awards.

But first make sure that honoring God for the gift and dream will elevate you to the next plateau

Grab that mustard seed. Keep the Faith. Dream On!