From The Founder 

Michael Lewis - Holes Hoops and Hope 

To Our Supporters and Partners

Thank you for your kindest support of Holes Hoops and Hope . During the times the the first quarter of the year We have innovated and looked at various programs and fundraisers . To all efforts we fell short. Our vision of community is there . In our new fiscal year which started May 2,2021 . I am making strong planning and changes to be more enjoyable for our staff interns , partners and communities abroad our great city.

However our past fiscal year was marred by COVID 19 and the inconsistency of donations lack of fundraisers  My goal is to give a solid plan for the  2022 year.  Hope 21 will be the biggest project to tackle . Adding on new interns to assist in areas needed for success will be critical 

We are happy and pleased of the COVID 21 partnership with Neighborhood Centers Inc and  Legacy Health on  getting more vaccines and reaching out to the displaced citizens of our community

We are adding The Mary Project that enhances programs for Women In Media, Sports and Empowering Small Business Opportunities with Women's Adult Sports Team Programs  from Volleyball to Basketball

Michael Lewis


Holes Hoops and Hope